Short note for “mahasiswa” and dealing with the political confusion

Many challenges have been arisen in the midst of man’s confusion throughout the ages, but none more serious and destructive to Malaysia than today’s challenged possessed by political confusion. This political confusion has surreptitiously arisen in our age because of the various news we get from the media. I’m strongly believed that the news from the media can be manipulated. The news can be manipulated according to the political interest. When the news are manipulated, the truth will be hidden and the fault will be used as something prominent. The truth cannot be hidden because people will never give up finding the truth.

To find the truth in these political confusions, we need knowledge. We as a Malaysian youth or a “mahasiswa” maybe have the knowledge already but why still become problematic or still get confused? The knowledge whose nature has become problematic because it has lost its true purpose due to being unjustly conceived, and has thus brought about chaos in Malaysian’s life instead of, and rather than, peace and justice. Knowledge which pretends to be real but becoming productive of confusion and skepticism.

Justice implies knowledge, which also means that knowledge is prior to justice. We have defined justice as a harmonious condition or state of affairs whereby everything or being is in its right and proper place. The external manifestation of justice in life and society is none other than the occurrence within it of adab. We already know the meaning of adab is doing something in well mannered, orderly, carefully, or well behaved.

Adab is the essential manifestation as it will ensure the harmonious condition. For example, the chaos that happen in any political arguments mostly happened when one or both from the political parties expressed their indecent behaviors or slanders. These indecent behaviors and slanders showed the adap in argument was very low. Following it, the harmonious condition will be not achieved. As a youth or “mahasiswa”, we need to maintain the adab in searching the truth in political confusion. We should not sacrifice the harmonious condition because we are low minded in our adab.

“Mahasiswa” or Malaysian youth should wash this indecent behavior and slander strategies out from our brain. By doing that, we may get a good quality of second echelon leadership in the future. We need to remember and learn the bad qualities that we are seeing right now. The bad political qualities should not be repeated by our generation. We have not to disobey the good advice from the good and bad experiences that had before. Remember, forgetfulness is the cause of man’s disobedience.


Mohammad Shafiq Bin Abdul Aziz


FB: Mohammad Shafiq Kedua