Student’s Perspective on the Higher Education in Future: Solution Towards the Crucial Issues

Mohammad Shafiq Bin Abdul Aziz

University of Science Malaysia


Higher Education Institution is the towering reference for the local community as it is the pool of ideas involving all disciplines of knowledge. In the future, the local community should equip themselves and utilise this pool of ideas available from local higher education institutions. This presentation aims to present arguments on the role of the higher education institution to the local community, specifically in solving critical issues such as political issues, economics, and many more. The presentation looks at the problems that have risen in the local community that do not depend on the resources and knowledge of the higher education institution for their solution. As a sequence, these problems are still not solved in a prolonged time. These problems seemingly continuous to resurface even though their supposed solutions have been found. In the future, higher education institutions should be allowed the ability to be the main source of reference to solve these problems related to the local community. More often than not, the decisions or solutions suggested by political figures and influenced by politics are made more important than made from a higher education institution point of view.  Therefore in the future, all decisions made to solve these problems must be based on research conducted by qualified researchers from higher education institutions.